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CEO BimaGarage

About Bima Garage

Established in 2018, Bima Garage is India’s most trusted insurance service provider, focused on bringing transparency in health care insurance ecosystem.Our personalized solutions transform the arduous claims process into a seamless experience for all stakeholders navigating the claim journey. Collaborating with hospitals, insurance companies, and intermediaries, we ensure the provision of insurance services that alleviate stress for policyholders, making the process hassle-free.







How it all started?

“While I and my co-founder were working in the insurance sector for around a decade or so, we saw that sales were the primary focus for all insurance companies. No one was bothered about the servicing side of insurance because the penetration itself is very low in our country for insurance. So we had this idea whenever we will start our own company it will be only and only on the servicing of the insurance, not sales.”

– Sandesh Mishra (CEO), in an interview with Startup Story Media.

And that’s when we started on this journey!